Check out all of my projects below!

Postgres, Python, React, ChatGPT

  • Live Translation/Transcription
  • Document management
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Mobile web app


Firebase, Python, Streamlit, ChatGPT

  • product recs
  • An understanding assistant
  • AI Function Calling
  • Google Sign In Auth


Next.js, Firebase, Chakra UI, Stripe

  • Generate lyric ideas
  • Speech to text input
  • Audio Transcription
  • Stripe Subscription
  • Account Management

File Manager

Electron, React, Material UI, Node

  • Free to use
  • Desktop only
  • Bulk update files/folders
  • Specify search parameters
  • Replace specific characters

Benzo Painting

Next.js, Emailjs

  • Small business
  • Free quotes
  • Fair price estimates
  • Experienced painters
  • High quality services

Honest Reviews

React, Firebase, Material UI

  • Account Management
  • Post an honest review
  • Upvote/downvote reviews
  • Light/dark mode